Welcome to Martin's Math Page

Let's be honest: no normal person really loves maths. However, when becoming a Software Engineer in the nineties I was forced to learn a lot of Math. This even made me loose interest in the subject so I switched from the University to a University of Applied Sciences (HBO in Dutch).

However, now and then I see things 'out there' that I find fascinating that have their basis in Mathematics. In this repository I will add projects that I have created.

I get some inspiration from the great guys at Numberphile!. The way they explain geometry and how the Mandelbrot Fractal works inspired me to create a few projects that are accessible through the web.

The projects I created are listed below. Often they have some methods of interaction so you can play with them yourself. This often helps to study its behaviour or just create nice images.

Available visualisations

The first section contains the famous Mandelbrot fractal and a variant thereof, the Burning Ship fractal. The rotating circles enable you to learn how rotating movement can be transferred to lineair movement, and makes for some pretty animations using all the controls available. Then there's a few visualisations about prime numbers and Fibonacci sequences.


Mandelbrot Fractal

Burning Ship Fracta

Burning Ship Fractal


Rotating circles


lightswitch problem


Sierpinksi (random game)


Magical Knights tour


Theodore's Spiral


Ulam's Spiral

Archimedean Spiral

Archimedean Spiral


Fibonacci Sequence spiral

plasma cloud

Plasma Cloud

Linefractals & Curves

In this sections you will mainly find fractals and curves based on problems that are visualised using lines. The Barnsley fractal ('the leaf') however is built up using points, but gives the impression it is built using lines. The Gosper, Peano and Hilbert curves are so called "space filling curves": given enough iterations they fill create a perfect filled plane, without any lines ever crossing each other.
Again, a lot of these visualisations can be changed using different controls in order to study them or create stunning images.
Some scripts make use of the L-rewrite system (see Wikipedia). To experiment with an L-system yourself see my other site.

line fractals

Gosper space filling curve

line fractals

Peano's space filling curve

line fractals - Hilbert

Hilbert's curve

line fractals - arrowhead

Sierpiński arrow head

line fractals - sierpinski curve

Sierpiński curve

line fractals - sierpinski triangle

Sierpiński triangles

line fractals - fractal plant

Fractal plant

line fractals - fractal bush

Fractal bush

line fractals - fibonacci word

Fibonacci Word curve

line fractals - tree

Tree / Canopy curve

line fractals - barnsley

Barnsley Fractal

line fractals

Koch's snowflake

line fractals - dragon

Dragon curve

The source code of all projects is available at GitHub.